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Ingenuity resonance: BASDA MRI system advance to Nordic

 ——There is always a feeling, that is a serious and persistent, fine, perfect ......

 ——There is always a dream, that is crafted, excellence, attention to detail, focus on rigorous ......

 ——Maybe you can not implicit the original intention, but the world will be able to see your heart!

  Swiss ingenuity, for every part, every process, every piece of watch, watch people are carefully polished, carved concentrate intentions attitude manufacturing. In the eyes of craftsmen, only the quality of excellence, made meticulous, diligent pursuit of perfection, in addition, there is no other. It was with such single-minded concentration, the artisan spirit, to world famous Swiss watches, selling the world, become a classic.

  BASDA person ingenuity is that BASDA person face each member, every experience, every pixels   precision pursuit, intentions, tireless dedication. It is with this spirit of rigorous and meticulous craftsman, BASDA Medical Products has covered the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, more than 50 countries and regions.

  Ingenuity interleaving, ingenuity resonate, more than 10 years of continuous improvement, continuous improvement, BASDA MRI system advance in Geneva, Switzerland! Geneva is a   famous international city, fascinating place, with numerous international organizations, as well as snow-capped Alps. Geneva, BASDA craftsmen come!

  In April, we set foot on the ground in Geneva. Perhaps the people have pursue the habit in the ultimate space of the watch, hospital room space is so tight. In order to use equipment safety  and to have a good user experience, we confirm the  final construction drawings plan after we have a 5 days communication and consultation with the hospital

 After the plan was finalized, craftsmen began to hard work, team work overtime, but also firmly committed to quality. From April 15th to May 30th, installation, operation training and maintenance training, record BASDA installed abroad shortest time record. 

  After many years of accumulation of technology, BASDA medical products continuously upgrade the quality, research and development Iconic products: classic 0.35T permanent magnet MRI, the country's first permanent magnet highest field strength 0.5T MRI, the world's first open house 0.7T superconductive MRI ...NASDA products have been exported to Germany and Switzerland and other European countries. Germany and Switzerland are the stability of the product has almost demanding accuracy requirements of the country, BASDA  able to enter these markets, indicates that we have the highest standards of quality recognition, it is the result of BASDA longstanding artisan spirit.

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